Now Streamable! 50 Perfect Songs for Summer 2015

Anthony's Playlist for the Summer of 2015

2015 Summer Playlist Cover Art

Okay. I know I’ve already posted my Summer 2015 Playlist. But here’s the thing: I know you. You’re lazy. You don’t want to have to click here and there to hear those songs. That’s just too much work. And then, some of those links have those damned ads you have to endure.

Well, my friend. I have a treat for you. Call it Radio-AFI, call it AFIRadio, or just call it crazy! Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can listen to the Summer 2015 Playlist through iTunes on your very own computer!

And – as an added bonus – there are 4 bonus tracks! That’s right. The original playlist consisted of only 46 songs, but this special streaming edition is padded out to a perfect 50! AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Click Here —>  Summer 2015 Playlist Stream Here’s what you do: click on the link above. You’ll see a dialogue box like the one below. Click ‘OK’ download Once you click ‘OK’, your iTunes will open and, Bob’sYourUncle, the music will play!

Now, I would suggest you put your iTunes on random. In standard play, the stream will play the songs in alphabetical order – except for the bonus tracks at the end.  Nothing wrong with that. But I find Random the fun way to do things. And just so you don’t feel like those bonus tracks are just padding to make a nice round number, I have to tell you that I was ashamed that they weren’t in the original list of songs. So— Enjoy!

Wait…. What? You don’t… you don’t want to stream them? You just… you just want to have them??? Some people are never happy… well… alright… Tracks 1 – 10 Tracks 11 – 20 Tracks 21 – 30 Tracks 31 – 40 Tracks 41 – 50 Each Zip file is about 50Mb. Don’t say I never did nuffin fer ya. But take advantage quick. The stream will stay up, but the zips will only be here for a couple of weeks.

Now, seriously. I want to know what you think of the playlist. What would you get rid of? What would you add? Does it work for you? Or… Do you have any questions about the list? I’d be happy to answer anything you ask.

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