Anthony’s Playlist for Summer 2017

Anthony's Playlist for Summer 2017

Summer 2017 Playlist Cover

Ladies and Gentlemen and … well … others:

Call it Radio-AFI, call it AFIRadio, or just call it crazy! But it’s back on the air. I know it’s a little late, but that’s because I’ve been under The Dark Cloud of Depression for a while. Still, I’m muddling through as best I can.

Funny thing; one of the tunes on Summer 2017 Playlist is written by me and deals with said Dark Cloud. Hope you like it.

Now, if you’d like to stream the Summer 2017 Playlist through iTunes on your very own computer or hand held device:

Click Here —> Summer 2017 Playlist Stream

Here’s what you do: click on the link above. You’ll see a dialogue box like the one below. Click ‘OK’ download Once you click ‘OK’, your iTunes will open and, Bob’sYourUncle, the music will play!

Wait…. What? You don’t… you don’t want to stream them? You just… you just want to have them??? Some people are never happy… well… alright…
Side 1
Side 2
Side 3
Side 4
The largest Zip file is about 57Mb. These may not stay available indefinitely.

The Summer 2017 Playlist consists of 40 tracks that can be listened to in its designated order or in random mode, but I’m rather pleased with the way the order plays out. There’s a bit of a flow to the themes of the tunes. I’d be interested in knowing how it works for you and if you can follow it. There’s a bunch of cover versions that I just love in there, some tunes that take me back to my childhood and others that feel that they’re part of my own personal story. So— Enjoy!

Now, seriously. I want to know what you think of the playlist. What would you get rid of? What would you add? Does it work for you? Or… Do you have any questions about the list? I’d be happy to answer anything you ask.

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