About “In the Interval” and Me

Interval (ˈɪntərvl)

n. – a recess between parts of a performance or production, such as for a theatrical play, opera, concert, or film screening. It should not be confused with an entr’acte (French: “between acts”), which, in the 18th century, was a sung, danced, spoken, or musical performance that occurs between any two acts, that is unrelated to the main performance, and that in the world of opera and musical theatre became an orchestral performance that spans an intermission and leads, without a break, into the next act.

The plan for this blog – because I think it should at least purport to have some sort of point – is to put my thoughts and ideas into some publishable form. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some learned voice come out of my radio speakers expounding on an idea that I had thought of years ago and found myself saying out loud “Hey! I thought of that! I just never wrote it down. Geez, if I’d known it was actually a profound thought… damn!”  So, this is the sort of thing to which you can look forward. Oh, and I listen to CBC Radio One continuously when I’m at home – that’s where I hear the learned voices. They’re not in my head. Really. So, I’ll probably be writing about what I hear on CBC Radio One fairly often, as well. And theatre. Theatre is my life-blood. Well, that’s stretching it. I live and breathe it, but as for life-giving – let’s face it, it don’t exactly pay that well to actually keep me alive. That being said, I’ll be writing about that quite a bit – I hope.

Professionaly, I’m an actor and director who dreams of being a writer. I’ve had a long association with two Vancouver theatre companies in particular:  Blackbird Theatre (for whom I’ve appeared in The Birthday Party and  Waiting for Godot among other plays) and Pacific Theatre (for whom I’ve directed and acted in too many shows to remember). I’ve worked for almost every major theatre company in Vancouver and a few outside of my home province. I’ve even produced a few shows. In fact, I started a company with a few friends called Tempus Theatre that is currently on haitus (if I can use that term… well, I guess I can because I just did).  My theatrical training was at Studio 58, UBC, and the Stratford Festival Conservatory and I’ve been nominated for Jessie Richardson Awards as a director and actor, winning Best Actor for my performance as a serial killer in Frozen (a Shameless Hussy production). In my spare time, I read extremely long novels, children’s picture books, watch Japanese films and collect odd cover versions of popular songs. There will, no doubt, be posts about these things from time to time – perhaps even more often than that.

If you’re looking to hire me for a film project – and I hope you are – you can check out my demo reel here.

June 20 2013


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