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6 ways ‘The Big Sick’ shows what’s wrong with Hollywood

Last Tuesday was our wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we went out for a movie. We saw “The Big Sick”. If there’s a movie that shows what’s wrong with most of the films coming out of Hollywood these days – well, … Continue reading

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Ghost in the Shell – Why Max Landis is Wrong

uh…. I’m really having a hard time figuring out what Mr Landis‘ arguement is. We shouldn’t blame the studios because…. um… they are stupid? Stupidity clears one of blame? If, as Mr Landis says, it’s a cultural problem, one would … Continue reading

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This video saved my life!

Yes, we actors have to learn to do everything, even for just an audition!  And one of those things is … tie a bow tie! So… I found a video that demonstrates how to do it so well that I … Continue reading

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Why I’m NOT going to see ‘The Interview’

Okay, let’s get this straight. Sony spends lot of money making a movie and advertising about the assassination of North Korea’s leader. Then, they get hacked and threatened. They decide to cancel the movie because of the threat to viewers. … Continue reading

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I’ve Landed in Calgary!

So, I’ve arrived. Weather is good, insects are biting and I have a nice little walk into downtown to the theatre. We had our readthrough yesterday and by golly, if it ain’t a good cast. Aside from me, not a … Continue reading

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Deeper into the J-Pop underground

Over the last year I’ve driven a few people around the bend by forcing them to listen to my latest obsession: J-Pop. But, not the run of the mill, mass produced stuff.  I’m talking about Guitar Wolf, The 5,6,7,8’s, Polysics, … Continue reading

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Imogen Stubbs hits out at mumbling actors

This is fantastic. It’s about time someone of import said something. “Too many actors mumble their way through their lines, neither enunciating nor projecting words clearly enough for audiences to understand them, according to leading figures in theatre. Edward Kemp, … Continue reading

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