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This video saved my life!

Yes, we actors have to learn to do everything, even for just an audition!  And one of those things is … tie a bow tie! So… I found a video that demonstrates how to do it so well that I … Continue reading

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10 Non-American TV Series You Must See!

I’ve cobbled this list together because I really think you need to watch these. A couple of them have been remade in North America and these remakes are not as good as the original versions. And that’s a shame. I … Continue reading

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Are Stage Managers Artists?

The following was posted on that Facething by a stage manager friend of mine. I thought I’d post it here because, as an actor and director, I can quite honestly say that if it were not for stage managers – … Continue reading

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A Week of Theatre Viewing

I’ve been to the theatre four times in the last week or so. Now, let’s get this out of the way before we go any further: I’m hyper-critical when I go to the theatre. Why? Because theatre is my job, … Continue reading

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Imogen Stubbs hits out at mumbling actors

This is fantastic. It’s about time someone of import said something. “Too many actors mumble their way through their lines, neither enunciating nor projecting words clearly enough for audiences to understand them, according to leading figures in theatre. Edward Kemp, … Continue reading

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