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In The Jaws of the Black Dogs

The following poem was written by a friend who I met while performing with him in “Great Expectations”. Robert is a beautiful man who fills me with a sense of the marvelous. I do not know why this black dog … Continue reading

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Now Streamable! 50 Perfect Songs for Summer 2015

Okay. I know I’ve already posted my Summer 2015 Playlist. But here’s the thing: I know you. You’re lazy. You don’t want to have to click here and there to hear those songs. That’s just too much work. And then, … Continue reading

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A Week of Theatre Viewing

I’ve been to the theatre four times in the last week or so. Now, let’s get this out of the way before we go any further: I’m hyper-critical when I go to the theatre. Why? Because theatre is my job, … Continue reading

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How to Live With Introverts

This is a great How To.  It concisely sums up how I feel as an introvert. And knowing that it can be explained so simply, makes me feel a whole lot better and a lot less ashamed of being introverted.  … Continue reading

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Julie Gray: Losing My Religion

Julie Gray: Losing My Religion. – from the HUFF Post – Healthy Living I’m posting the following because I’ve been through similar circumstances and I found this article spot on. If you’re going through a mental health crisis – you’re … Continue reading

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